Recent Testimonial from our latest Cincinnati Skyline Painting

CincinnatiSkyline_TestimonialIt feels great to finish a painting, especially when you receive a testimonial like the one below. Just received the feedback after delivering this painting of the Cincinnati skyline.

“We are absolutely pleased and enlightened with the beauty of the Roebling Bridge and the Cincinnati Skyline that is brought to life In this original acrylic painting by Jeff Johns and Colin Daugherty. Captured in vivid color and detail, a date stamp for this night has been created in this one of a kind painting. This artistic work is the focal point of our renovated condo on the Ohio River. We, and guests, will enjoy exploring this work for many years to come.”

~ Jeff & Melanie Arnold


Cincinnati Skyline | A View from Riverside Terrace 30″ x 48″ acrylic on canvas by Jeff Johns and Colin Daugherty

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View from Devou Park, The Cincinnati Skyline

ViewFromDevou_Final_SmallExcited to share final capture of this painting of the Cincinnati Skyline with the view from Devou Park. After spending much of my youth taking this view in I was excited that we got a commission request to paint this vantage point. This painting captures the panoramic view of both Covington Kentucky featuring the Radisson building along with all the iconic structures of the Queen City.

I have to say we’re thrilled with the outcome of this painting and can’t wait to deliver it to our client later this week. One fun fact about this painting is that the moment it was shared on social media we had a request for another commissioned painting just like it. So stay tuned for the next one!

View from Devou | Cincinnati Skyline 30″ x 48″ acrylic on canvas by Jeff Johns and Colin Daugherty



If you’re interested in commissioning your own masterpiece call Jeff Johns today. 859.630.9657. Click here for the contact page.






Under the Suspension, Cincinnati


Under the Suspension Three | 30″x 40″ Acrylic on Canvas ~ SOLD

Here’s the latest commissioned painting of the Cincinnati skyline that was just completed. Super happy with the finished product and can’t wait till our client see’s it in person for the first time.

If you’d like to see the other two paintings that lead up to this painting you can view here. Under the Supension and Under the Suspension Two.

Under the Suspension Three | 30″ x 40″ Acrylic on Canvas by Jeff Johns and Colin Daugherty

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If you’re interested in commissioning your own masterpiece call Jeff Johns today. 859.630.9657. Click here for the contact page.

“There’s a big difference between looking at the town you live in and truly seeing it.” —Jeff Johns





Fine Art Promo Cards for JJCD Collaborations

With an art show right around the corner for JJCD Collaborations™ it’s nice to make some promotional material to hand out. Here’s a composite of the cards for the Cincinnati Exhilaration gallery exhibit for the month of August. Enjoy!


Artwork on display at Valley Wine and Spirits

Art getting hung on the walls of Valley Wine and Spirits in the Edgewood and Ft. Wright locations.1239788_10201285450196413_1637659176_n-1 1374078_10201285451436444_2114167261_n 1378738_10201285451236439_1767900327_n 1379867_10201285450916431_271504021_n 1377241_10201285450596423_36812521_n 1176112_10201285450356417_2134982176_n

Our Amazing Honeymoon in Maui

We still have seven days to go and plan to enjoy every minute. This place is perfect in every way. It was fun to listen to the radio targeted to the locals who want to get away. Who’d want to leave this place?  Maui is stunning. Here’s some pictures from our magical venture to the Island. Enjoy.

A special thanks to our parents.

Michelle’s parents for the beautiful room and my parents for the round trip tickets to this wonderful island. We love you mom and dad!! Jeff and Michelle.

SOLD!!! First painting sells in Kauai, Hawaii

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 11.47.35 PMMy first painting just sold in Kauai, Hawaii! This painting titled, Nani Koki‘o ke‘oke‘o went for $900.

This was a 30″ x 40″ Acrylic on Canvas. The gallery wants another hibiscus painting now. I’m pretty stoked!!