“There’s a big difference between looking at the town you live in and truly seeing it.” —Jeff Johns

 Jeff Johns’ paintbrush is extremely well-travelled. Since 2008, he’s created numerous cityscapes, tracing the geometry of countless buildings, bridges and boulevards—and fixing the shifting skies that frame them—brushstroke by brushstroke.

An award-winning creative director in his professional life, Johns got serious about painting as a fine artist once he found his muse in the Cincinnati skyline. His epiphany arrived while watching the city’s flickering transition from day to night, from the vantage point of Devou Park, a Northern Kentucky hilltop mere minutes from where he grew up. At that moment he decided to dedicate himself to capturing the ever-shifting face of cities and making them instantly knowable through his art. He soon learned, however, that a town’s essence doesn’t yield easily to the paintbrush. That takes time. One of his larger canvases usually requires up to 150 hours, over multiple sessions, before Johns feels he’s successfully captured the energy of a given moment in a city’s life. The paintings subsequently find their way into the homes of collectors, many of whom claim they feel a greater connection to their cities, thanks to their daily interaction with Johns’ work.

While painting is traditionally a solitary pursuit, Johns has also found a meaningful way to break that convention through a unique collaboration with fellow painter Colin Daugherty. The two artists complement each other, with the rawness of Johns’ more impressionistic style balancing the precision of Daugherty’s more photorealistic style. Working side by side, they’ve generated dozens of paintings together, frequently under commission by highly engaged collectors. Today, Johns and Daugherty’s creative partnership shows no signs of slowing. Which is fortunate. After all, there are still miles and miles of cityscapes to cover, brushstroke by brushstroke.


Seasoned professional, over 17 years experience. Jeff consistently delivers breakthrough on-strategy creative at lightning speed. Currently facilitates marketing one of the the country’s fastest growing innovation firms.

• Package Design
• Corporate Branding
• Brand Architecture
• Data Visualization
• Prototype Development
• Shelf Impact Optimization
• Consumer Shopability Fruition
• Brand Strategy
• Marketing Communications
• Concept Development
• Social Media Expert
• New Product Ideation
• Print Advertising: Concept to Layout
• Top-level Presentation Development
• Menu-board Optimization
• Photography
• Video

Expert at Adobe CSS (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign)
Expert at Microsoft PowerPoint and Word

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Shatterday Morning | Triptych

39625152_10214433204162045_5849425452023676928_oHere’s my latest series of paintings for an amazing client. While most of the art in their home depicts Cincinnati, these were quite a bit different as we went with a more abstract and serene approach. The result of the pantings is a very distressed feel with cracks, soft blends, and gritty texture. Think of your favorite pair of jeans and this set of paintings is kind of like that.

If you’re interested in checking out any of the other paintings by this client, they have commissioned these Cincinnati Skyline themed pieces. Cincy in July, Fountain Square Cincinnati, and of course the Flying Pig Cincinnati.

It was awesome to see their reaction to artwork upon delivery. And once it was hung on the wall the paintings really came to life tying the entire room together. Here’s a few photos of the paintings on display in their new home.

While I love texture and dimension, this style of painting was completely new for me to tackle. It was fun to get in there and get my hands dirty while leveraging some new mediums. The material that was integral to this piece is crackle paste by Golden, it’s a thick opaque material that cracks when it dries. If you’re looking to rock a painting like this be sure to check that out. Also do a few test runs of the materials before you start the hero project.

Shatterday Morning | Tryptych 20″ x 60″ mixed medium on canvas by Jeff Johns

Looking to commission your own masterpiece? Then call Jeff Johns today. 859.630.9657. Click here for the contact page.


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