Fountain Square | Reference Visual


The next commission painting is going to be of Fountain Square in the heart of Cincinnati. My clients are looking for a black and white painting to display in their home.

20728216_10211672850234922_4800092079470206265_nIn order to get the right reference visual I spent many times down at the Fountain studying the light and capturing photos at different times of the day.What I quickly realized was that during early afternoon the sculpture casted dark shadows onto other detailed parts which would make it nearly impossible to see all the intricacies to inspire a painting. I then went down early morning and snapped a few. Here is lead image which will inspire the Fountain Square painting. Stay tuned.

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Photograph of the Cincinnati Skyline to Inspire Next Painting

CincinnatiSkylinePhoto_JohnsGreat news! Just received a request for another commissioned painting of the beautiful Cincinnati skyline. The client knew exactly what they wanted, and as we began to talk the best way to truly bring to life their vision was to meet in front of the city and capture the idea. After a taking few photos, some smiles and a high five we quickly aligned on this reference visual to inspire the next Cincinnati painting.

Stay tuned for the progress, there will be a 30″ x 40″ acrylic on canvas painting inspired by this photo. Enjoy!

Plastic Ants | Falling to Rise Album Design


Really excited to have had the opportunity to design the latest album from Plastic Ants, titled Falling to Rise. Some of the highlights are the beautiful clouds on the gatefold-sleeve, to the crystal clear vinyl with the simple plane graphics along with the striking visual used on the front cover. While instrumental on the design for this album, to really bring it to life there was an opportunity to break out the camera and take some photos for the piece as well. Since it’s launch the album design has been getting some good press. You can read a write up by Fred Mills at Blurt magazine here.

Also had the opporunity to shoot this really cool video for the album release. 

A Few Photos of the Cincinnati Skyline | October 13, 2014

Was out last night taking photos of the beautiful Cincinnati skyline with an effort to try and figure out the reference visual for the next painting. These shots were taken from across the Ohio River in Newport, Kentucky.  These photos turned out pretty nice, but I’m not totally sold on one of these as the next painting.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos of the Cincinnati Skyline.

10494797_10203760591353395_7788384723574675072_n 10612687_10203760595073488_2273630913666445623_n 10671416_10203760597433547_8416791831295805363_n

The Little Hummingbird

This little guy was enjoying our new feeder. He’s definitely the biggest one yet, but still so small. It’s just awesome to watch how these little guys fly in every direction at lightning speed. Time to get the camera out again this evening and just post up. Hope you enjoy the shot! JJ Beautiful Humming Bird

This photo may turn into a painting one day. I haven’t done too many bird paintings over the years, but here’s one I worked on a year or so ago of a Red-Tailed Hawk, which is now on display at Seed Strategy. Stay tuned, a hummingbird painting may be in your near future.

Race at Keeneland

I really enjoy capturing photos of horses, whether their just chilling on a farm or the worlds top thoroughbreds racing around a course. This photo depicts a moment in time at Keeneland in Lexington, Kentucky. My passion for capturing just that right moment in time for these beautiful animals truly comes to life once these photos inspire my next series of equestrian-based paintings.Race at Keeneland

If interested in checking out any of my horse paintings here are two of my favorites: Kentucky Thoroughbreds and Down the Stretch



Glowing Trees in Union, Kentucky


Glowing Trees in Union, Kentucky

Nikki and Ryan Schwartz | Wedding Day


Nikki and Ryan Schwartz | Wedding Day

A few pictures from their beautiful wedding — October 26, 2013

Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs

TheGarlic TheGrapes TheBanannas TheLimeandLemmon TheStrawberriesAfter a nice trip to the market this evening, I decided to take some photos of the fruits, vegetables and herbs before I enjoy them. The dark background behind each subject really adds drama to the images. Hope you enjoy, JJ

Photos from my scooter ride in Union, Kentucky

This is the perfect time of the year to take a scooter ride, and what’s taking a scooter ride if you don’t pull over to the side of the road and capture some of the beautiful, yet scary scenes. I hope you enjoy some photos from my latest ride. Cheers, JJ