Blooms and Berries in Loveland, Ohio

Don’t you just love sunflowers? Here are some beautiful ones at the Blooms and Berries in Loveland, Ohio. Great way to spend part of this amazing day.

Artwork on display at Valley Wine and Spirits

Art getting hung on the walls of Valley Wine and Spirits in the Edgewood and Ft. Wright locations.1239788_10201285450196413_1637659176_n-1 1374078_10201285451436444_2114167261_n 1378738_10201285451236439_1767900327_n 1379867_10201285450916431_271504021_n 1377241_10201285450596423_36812521_n 1176112_10201285450356417_2134982176_n

Majestic Sunflower II ~ Capturing the Process

Excited by the request to create another Majestic Sunflower, I’m going to share the entire process with you. This new piece of artwork will be created with mixed media on a 16″ x 40″ canvas. Starting with the initial sketch on canvas, I plan to give you a peak behind the curtain throughout the entire process of the creation of one of the most dimensional paintings in the fine art world today. As you track this post starting with the initial sketch, you’ll be taking the journey of texture building and layering of paint to breath life into this sunflower.

I never thought I’d recreate a painting, but when there’s a demand for a piece it really fuels the entire process. This new-found motivation is sure to power an even stronger painting than the original. But, even if this piece ends up more beautiful than the original, it will be a piece entirely of it’s own. The first Majestic Sunflower has a beautiful DNA to it, and taught me what I needed to learn to truly rock this entirely new piece of art. I really hope you enjoy the progress on Majestic Sunflower II. ~ JefferyJ.