Strength, Honor and Stability, The Elephant

Elephant_final_smlExcited to share the final capture of this triptych of an elephant. The neat thing about this lies in the true symbol of an elephant. For me, this creature has always been an icon for strength, honor and stability. So, I decided to name each of the canvases in that order. The first will be strength, the second honor and third stability. When put together roughly 3″ apart they will make the elephant.

Strength, Honor and Stability, The Elephant | Triptych on 3 Canvases, Mixed Medium by Jeff Johns

Canvas 1_ Strength

Canvas 2_ Honor

Canvas 3_ Stability

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Unexpected Asterisk | CPSI

UnexpectedAsteriskSay hello to my latest painting. This piece was inspired by the upcoming creativity conference by the Creative Education Foundation, CPSI. Known as the Creative Problem Solving Institute. The conference takes place this June and prides itself on creative solutions for complex business issues, helping professionals like you move ideas into action. One of the sponsors of this conference is Seed Strategy, Inc. where I work as SVP, Creative. This connection along with my passion as a fine artist lead to this outstanding opportunity to design, craft a painting and ultimately be facilitating a live community art project during the event!

During the process I had great time bringing this simple symbol we use and see all the time to life. The asterisk is a symbol that basically says something was omitted from the text. I wanted to celebrate that symbol and bring a whole new energy to it.

Unexpected Asterisk | 24″ x 24″ acrylic on canvas by Jeff Johns

While working several designs for how the asterisk could come to life, here’s one example of it in a lanyard card design for the 2019 event.

CPSI_Laynards_SeedStrategy_Final2019_Design V1a copy 6

If you’re looking to attend a creativity conference this year, be sure to check out CPSI. Also, be sure to check out this list by Seed Strategy of the top creativity conferences of 2019.


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Strength, Honor and Stability, The Elephant | Triptych on 3 Canvases

Excited to share the first commissioned painting of the year. This will be a triptych-style painting of an elephant standing tall and proud. It will be all in neutral tones, thinking of adding some crackle like texture and silver metallic paints to give it some pop. Stay tuned so you can see this elegant beast come to life.

Now, I’ll get into how we landed on this subject but first wanted to mention this contraption that I built to allow work on the 3 canvases at a time. It was simply a nice piece of plywood then anchored the canvases in place with some cut blocks and it was complete. Ready to start the painting.

Here’s a little more background behind the painting. This piece started with the need to showcase an original painting in the entry this beautiful home. After visiting the home and seeing and really studying the space, it was apparent that a triptych would be perfect. But not just the same size canvas either. While looking the same size canvas it didn’t have the pop os something unexpected. It was then time to leverage some design chops with an effort to further optimize the space. We then began an iterative process first focused on canvas design, once we aligned to that both subjects, composition and canvas design. The use of the canvas in the middle being tall took your eye up to the ceiling and down to the floor. Really optimizing the wall space for the entry. Once the panting is finished and hanging in its new home I’ll be sure to share.

Strength, Honor and Stability, The Elephant | Acrylic + Mixed Medium Triptych on 3 Canvases by Jeff Johns

Canvas 1_ Strength

Canvas 2_ Honor

Canvas 3_ Stability

Here’s a closer look at the contraption I built. Stay tuned, more to come.


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Final Capture, Delta Mural | Great American Ballpark at Night


Here’s one last look at the mural for Delta Airlines.  In this capture here I’ve focused on the heart of the painting and retouched out some of the outlets, thermostats, fire alarm devices and door opening objects from the piece. Just super thrilled with where the painting netted out and happy to have another capture of our beautiful city.

Delta Mural, Great American Ballpark at Night | 255” x 115” Mixed Media on Wall by Jeff Johns and Colin Daugherty

Click here to check out this Cincinnati Skyline mural painting for Delta on the actual wall of the CVG Customer Engagement Center. Also, here’s another post that shares captures even earlier in the process.

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Shatterday Morning | Triptych

39625152_10214433204162045_5849425452023676928_oHere’s my latest series of paintings for an amazing client. While most of the art in their home depicts Cincinnati, these were quite a bit different as we went with a more abstract and serene approach. The result of the pantings is a very distressed feel with cracks, soft blends, and gritty texture. Think of your favorite pair of jeans and this set of paintings is kind of like that.

If you’re interested in checking out any of the other paintings by this client, they have commissioned these Cincinnati Skyline themed pieces. Cincy in July, Fountain Square Cincinnati, and of course the Flying Pig Cincinnati.

It was awesome to see their reaction to artwork upon delivery. And once it was hung on the wall the paintings really came to life tying the entire room together. Here’s a few photos of the paintings on display in their new home.

While I love texture and dimension, this style of painting was completely new for me to tackle. It was fun to get in there and get my hands dirty while leveraging some new mediums. The material that was integral to this piece is crackle paste by Golden, it’s a thick opaque material that cracks when it dries. If you’re looking to rock a painting like this be sure to check that out. Also do a few test runs of the materials before you start the hero project.

Shatterday Morning | Tryptych 20″ x 60″ mixed medium on canvas by Jeff Johns

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Delta Mural | Great American Ballpark at Night


Excited to announce that we’ve landed an entirely new painting commission from Delta Airlines. We will be painting a Cincinnati Skyline landscape onto the walls of the CVG Customer Engagement Center in downtown Cincinnati. This 22 feet wide long wall is over 9 feet tall and will be covered with paint from floor to ceiling depicting the beautiful city of Cincinnati and magical waters of the Ohio River.

We are honored and privileged to leverage the image rights from Steve Ziegelmeyer, at Ziegelmeyer photography to use his original photograph which has already inspired several painting renditions of this scene and will be integral in crafting this mural for Delta. To see our other paintings inspired by this photography, click here for the first one, and here for the second.

Throughout the Delta mural selection process we worked up several digital compositions of what the wall could look like with our paintings in place. Below are a few which were shared in the early rounds of the selection process. We also worked up images that included the tristate, and even versions with airplanes flying over the city which are not indicated below. In the end the painting above was selected as the inspiration to drive this mural.


The Cincinnati paintings included in the digital comps leveraged following paintings of the Queen City by Jeff Johns and Colin Daugherty and can be seen here. Great American Ballpark at NightCincinnati in July, Under the Suspension Three, Cincinnati Skyline and Bluffs View of the Cincinnati Skyline,

This piece will be titled, Delta, Great American Ball Park at Night | 255″ x 115″ acrylic and mixed medium on wall. Start date is August 25th. Stay tuned for progress.

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Flying Pig, Cincinnati


Here’s one of the latest commission paintings of Cincinnati we’ve been rocking. This painting in particular was commissioned by a local running enthusiast. If you haven’t heard of the Flying Pig Marathon it’s actually been around for over twenty years and is powered by P&G. To learn more about the marathon click here.

In this painting we really aimed to hero the pig over the beloved Cincinnati skyline. A nice rendition of the skyline with the Great American building in the foreground as the pig spreads it’s wings and soars over this amazing city.

Flying Pig Cincinnati | 15″ x 30″ acrylic on canvas by Jeff Johns and Colin Daugherty

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Walnut Street, Cincinnati


After many hours this painting titled Walnut Street, Cincinnati is now complete. The piece started from our client seeing the portfolio of Cincinnati paintings on this site and wanted to capture the neighborhood in which they live, our luck it was beautiful Walnut Street right downtown Cincinnati. We were able to capture the Aronoff Center, all the bars and restaurants and the glowing lights leading you through this unique perspective of the city.

To kick off the project, I headed down to photograph the street scene from several different angles which you can see here so our client could pick the lead. The best part about this process was that I avoided getting hit by a bus or heaven forbid the streetcar. Once the lead reference visual was selected it was time to start rocking the painting.

My guess is we have over 100 hours combined on this piece. The neat thing about this piece and all the paintings we work on is that we start the piece in it’s entirety, then I’ll take the left side of the painting, Colin will work the right until we meet in the middle. Then we’ll flip the canvas vertically and put the finishing touches on both sides to cary each of our styles throughout. The new owners are really excited about the piece and here’s a few photos of it proudly on display in their home.


Walnut Street, Cincinnati | 30″ x 40″ acrylic on canvas by Jeff Johns and Colin Daugherty

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Great American Ballpark at Night


Getting this Cincinnati painting ready for a little trip. It truly is one of our masterpieces. Couldn’t even tell you how much time we have put into this one.

Under the Suspension | 48″ x 60″ acrylic on canvas by Jeff Johns and Colin Daugherty. Image reference by Steve Ziegelmeyer

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The Power of Creative Collaboration


My passion is to create. To take white space and make something that never existed before. The creation not only has to be perfect, it has to be distinct. These guiding principles are what bind me to the creative world as I dream and mold new ideas for consumers across the globe. With nearly twenty years in the business as an innovation professional focusing on new product development, I have learned that it is essential to bring your area of expertise to the table and own it. The real magic happens when you unite with a creative professional who offers a totally different yet complementary area of expertise. In every facet of my creative life, collaboration has proven to be the most consistent force for creating an enduring new product.

I began my career with a focus on art direction working on developing visual communications in a broad range of specialty areas including: branding, packaging, advertising, and digital media. It’s quite often that all these capabilities can come into play on just one innovation project. However, even with this vast spectrum of expertise, the spark ignites the moment you get two creative minds in a room with a focus to solve the same challenge.

Most of my experience as a creative collaborator is being part of a highly dynamic team working as the art director teamed with a copywriter. The copywriter will bring skills such as writing body copy, headlines, new product claims and seems to always have a fresh perspective. Most copywriters I’ve worked with are the best visionaries I’ve ever met.

Where I work you’ll find a dozen teams working side-by-side to bring new product concepts to life. For example, in my role as the art director, I might come up with an arresting visual or the copywriter could say just the right word that sparks a brilliant idea. This ensemble of creative thinking during the early stages of the process is integral to the foundation and strength of the concept. The back and forth between these two distinct minds is often the secret behind that breakthrough new product that will stop a consumer in their tracks.

After experiencing the power of creative collaboration in my professional life, I wanted to see if I could put it to work to create an incredible painting. As an established fine artist, my paintings have sold from Hawaii to Cincinnati. So, how would one take this idea of teaming up with another creative and apply it to painting, which is traditionally a solitary task? Think of all the brilliant painters: Salvador Dali, Vincent Van Gough, or Claude Monet. You’ll notice that with all these great artists there’s a consistency, it’s one artist, one individual who put the brush to canvas and made history. My goal was to to break this convention and see what could happen on canvas with another artist who brought different strengths.

Since my art is more impressionistic with bold color, broad strokes and a lot of texture, it was my goal to find an artist that complemented my style. I was on a journey to team up with an artist to paint a masterpiece and I eventually found that painter—Colin Daugherty. Colin brings expertise in the realism style of painting creating some of the finest and most detailed work I’ve ever seen.

Now, for over seven years we have combined these two painting techniques onto one canvas, with each piece being hyper realistic from a distance and super impressionistic up close. To this day, we’ve created quite the demand for our paintings; averaging five to ten commission works each year. Every painting has a story to tell about our process, for example, I always begin a painting on the left side as Colin works the right and we meet in the middle. Once we are at a point to switch, we just flip the canvas upside-down and begin painting from a fresh perspective. This method seems to integrate our work seamlessly across the canvas. Also, if you look closely at one of our paintings, you’ll see our personalities come through the strokes, neon colors or hits of glitter that adhere to the wet paint.

The combination of our painting talents has taken on the name JJCD Collaborations, and we focus on capturing Cincinnati cityscapes. It’s rewarding to see the vast range of work in our portfolio including paintings of the Queen City and her iconic structures. Our goal is to eventually capture every major skyline from Cincinnati to Shanghai and we’ll do that through creative collaboration.

Forming a creative partnership has proven to be super effective in both my professional and personal life. Remember to let down the ego and just bring your passion to create and own it. With creative collaboration something magical is at your fingertips.

This article was originally published on Linkedin