Artwork Now on Display in Home at Manhatton Harbour

Honored to now have artwork on display at an entirely new home in Manhattan Harbour on the Ohio River. The home features breathtaking views of the Cincinnati Skyline and Ohio River so it’s a perfect fit. Plus, this property will be featured in several home shows in the next few months, so if you’re in the area swing by and check it out and view some Cincinnati paintings by Jeff Johns and Colin Daugherty

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Blooms and Berries in Loveland, Ohio

Don’t you just love sunflowers? Here are some beautiful ones at the Blooms and Berries in Loveland, Ohio. Great way to spend part of this amazing day.

Orb Weaver in Union, Kentucky

Walked out on my patio this morning to find this beautiful Orb Weaver crafting it’s web. What a work of art.


Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 9.54.38 PM