Plastic Ants | Falling to Rise Album Design


Really excited to have had the opportunity to design the latest album from Plastic Ants, titled Falling to Rise. Some of the highlights are the beautiful clouds on the gatefold-sleeve, to the crystal clear vinyl with the simple plane graphics along with the striking visual used on the front cover. While instrumental on the design for this album, to really bring it to life there was an opportunity to break out the camera and take some photos for the piece as well. Since it’s launch the album design has been getting some good press. You can read a write up by Fred Mills at Blurt magazine here.

Also had the opporunity to shoot this really cool video for the album release. 

HOA Next | Logo Development

Logo design for a friend who’s starting a venture into the HOA management realm. The branding has evolved into some pretty cool slim business cards inspired and printed by Enjoy, JJhoanext

Promotional Materials for Upcoming Art Show

promo3 artshowpromo_1 10557159_10203222796188852_2208779272654817980_nHere are some promotional materials for our upcoming art show August 2, 2014 design and promotion by Jeff Johns.

This show will feature a broad fine art portfolio of paintings inspired by the beautiful city of Cincinnati brought to you by two local neoimpressionistic painters, Jeff Johns and Colin Daugherty. Hope you can make it! Cheers, Jeff

Fine Arts Network | Logo Development

I’m launching two fine art networks on social media for artists sharing a common interest and love for Cincinnati and Chicago. This will be a great place to connect with some of the area’s leading artists as well as tap into the latest events.

Fine Arts Network

7 Strategies for Fast Competition | SlideShare Design

When directing your brand or business, do you ever feel like you’re running a never-ending race, constantly pushing farther and faster just to keep up? Except, as soon as you’re only a few feet away from the finish line, it moves further, and the race goes on another day.

Join Seed Strategy’s SVP and Director of Innovation, Rolando Archila for an inspiring pep talk on keeping your goals in sight and crossing the finish line with a winning time. Because innovation is more than just a journey—it’s a race.

Click through it, download it, whatever you like. Oh yeah… I had the pleasure of designing this piece too! Hope you enjoy! Jeff Johns


The Accelerator | Innovation Edition

Proud to work on Seed’s latest edition of The Accelerator which is all about innovation.

Seed Strategy, The Accelerator


Whether you listen to analyst calls, read the front page of The Journal or attend an annual company meeting, one thing is clear: now more than ever, innovation is top of mind for companies, investors and consumers alike. And with long-term planning likely underway, our guess is there’s quite a bit of innovation talk in your world as well.

So it seems timely that this edition of The Accelerator focuses on innovation.

Spend a few minutes with The Accelerator: Innovation Edition and you will learn:

The Innovator’s Trail Guide | An Essential Map for Successful Innovation

Despite being widely recognized as one of the biggest drivers of growth, Innovation is not something that’s generally taught as a major in school or in the typical corporate training course. That’s why Seed Strategy created this free, downloadable guide with actionable steps towards becoming a better innovator.

Take a quick look to learn 5 principles successful innovators live by. Click through it, download it, whatever you like. Oh yeah… I had the pleasure of designing this piece too! Hope you enjoy! JJ

CINCINNATI ~ Final Friday — February 24, 2012 Promotions | Design