The Accelerator | Innovation Edition

Proud to work on Seed’s latest edition of The Accelerator which is all about innovation.

Seed Strategy, The Accelerator


Whether you listen to analyst calls, read the front page of The Journal or attend an annual company meeting, one thing is clear: now more than ever, innovation is top of mind for companies, investors and consumers alike. And with long-term planning likely underway, our guess is there’s quite a bit of innovation talk in your world as well.

So it seems timely that this edition of The Accelerator focuses on innovation.

Spend a few minutes with The Accelerator: Innovation Edition and you will learn:

1 thought on “The Accelerator | Innovation Edition

  1. While several young Nigerians are busy complaining their country has not done anything for them, 35- year- old US- based Nigerian born researcher, Yemi Adesokan, has put his country’s name on the map of nations of innovation.
    Adesokan’s discovery which has potential to change the way mankind responds to disease pathogens, according to experts, may bring an end the era of increased burden of drug resistance in the world particularly, in sub Saharan Africa.
    When he moved to United States in 1996, little did the young innovator have realise that he was going to rub shoulders with some of the greatest names in scientific technology.
    If you would like to read more about Yemi Adesokan, you can access to my blog on:

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