The Accelerator | Innovation Edition

Proud to work on Seed’s latest edition of The Accelerator which is all about innovation.

Seed Strategy, The Accelerator


Whether you listen to analyst calls, read the front page of The Journal or attend an annual company meeting, one thing is clear: now more than ever, innovation is top of mind for companies, investors and consumers alike. And with long-term planning likely underway, our guess is there’s quite a bit of innovation talk in your world as well.

So it seems timely that this edition of The Accelerator focuses on innovation.

Spend a few minutes with The Accelerator: Innovation Edition and you will learn:

The Innovator’s Trail Guide | An Essential Map for Successful Innovation

Despite being widely recognized as one of the biggest drivers of growth, Innovation is not something that’s generally taught as a major in school or in the typical corporate training course. That’s why Seed Strategy created this free, downloadable guide with actionable steps towards becoming a better innovator.

Take a quick look to learn 5 principles successful innovators live by. Click through it, download it, whatever you like. Oh yeah… I had the pleasure of designing this piece too! Hope you enjoy! JJ