7 Strategies for Fast Competition | SlideShare Design

When directing your brand or business, do you ever feel like you’re running a never-ending race, constantly pushing farther and faster just to keep up? Except, as soon as you’re only a few feet away from the finish line, it moves further, and the race goes on another day.

Join Seed Strategy’s SVP and Director of Innovation, Rolando Archila for an inspiring pep talk on keeping your goals in sight and crossing the finish line with a winning time. Because innovation is more than just a journey—it’s a race.

Click through it, download it, whatever you like. Oh yeah… I had the pleasure of designing this piece too! Hope you enjoy! Jeff Johns


The Accelerator | Strategy Edition

Proud to work on Seed’s latest edition of The Accelerator which is all about strategy. This edition includes insightful articles from Kevin Namaky, Kate Mathers, Matt Donahue, Rolando Archila, Jennifer Hill and Youngeun Lee. Design and website production by myself, Jeff Johns. Lots of great tips on there for how to keep projects moving even when you’re not sure what to do next.TheAccelerator