Holy Hyacinth it’s the Roebling Bridge


Here’s the final capture of one of my most current paintings of the Roebling Bridge from Cincinnati. This was inspired from a photo I captured after spending a beautiful day at Smale Park this past spring while all the beautiful Hyacinth flowers were in bloom. With all the color and beauty framing up one of the most iconic structures in our area I had to lay on the ground and capture the perspective. From there the paints hit canvas and the painting process started.

Hope you enjoy this painting of the amazing Roebling Bridge.

Holy Hyacinth it’s the Roebling Bridge | 24” x 36” mixed-media on canvas by Jeff Johns.

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Unbound Hibiscus | 24″ x 36″ acrylic on canvas

Here’s another painting of the hibiscus. I title this Unbound Hibiscus due to the loose and abstract feel of the flower. This painting had a lot of energy at this point so I considered it complete.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Should I push it more? Make it more real?

PriceUnbound Hibiscus : $375