Lake Point Tower | Chicago Skyline

Lake Point Tower, Chicago Skyline Painting

Super excited to share the final capture of our latest skyline painting featuring the amazing Lake Point Tower in Chicago, Illinois. As Cincinnati-based artists it’s always awesome to get a call to paint something outside of our beautiful city. This painting was commissioned by a lovely couple living in Colorado who will be moving to this beautiful building right across from Navy Pier.

One neat thing about this piece is that it’s the second painting that was inspired by the original photograph that I took while going around the ferris wheel with my wife while we took a weekend trip to Chicago.

Can’t wait till the new owner see’s this in person for the first time. Looking forward to boxing up and shipping out very soon.

If you’d like to see the original painting that inspired this latest work of art click here. Or to check out the original photos from our trip to Chicago back in March of 2012.

Lake Point Tower, Chicago Skyline | 24″ x 48″ acrylic on canvas by Jeff Johns and Colin Daugherty

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Chicago Skyline ~ JJCD Collaborations™

Capturing the progress of the Chicago Skyline Painting. Original photograph taken by Jeff Johns then the collaborative began the painting. JJCD Collaborations™ unites fine artists Jeff Johns and Colin Daugherty on canvas.

Original sketch of the Chicago Skyline Chicago Skyline JJCD Collaborations Reference