Brice’s Beautiful Botanicals

With every painting there’s a story on how the piece came to life. This here is a look behind the process of our latest commissioned painting titled, Brice’s Beautiful Botanicals.

Why the name you may ask? This is because our client reached out wanting a painting for their dining room. There was a beautiful original piece of art that their 6-month old son, Brice created. The ask to us was to take this as inspiration to create artwork for them. We took the original painting to see what it would inspire. We then provided a range of 12 “painting reference approaches” to see what resonated with our client. One area that Brice’s original painting took us to was the Chinese translation of happy which we worked up as an option.

From there we refined and optimized to get to an aligned reference visual. Once we had that we got the painting started. While it’s fun to share the progress it’s also neat to see a look at the process that lead to one of our co-creations to capture the vision of our client and their 6-month old artist son.

Brice’s Beautiful Botanicals | 36″ x 48″ acrylic on canvas by Jeff Johns and Colin Daugherty

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