St. Johns and Cincinnati | Acrylic on Canvas

St. Johns and Cincinnati Here’s the latest on the painting I’ve been rocking for my wife and I. This painting captures everything we love about the city. The church we were married in, Paul Brown Stadium on a Monday Night Football eveningĀ and of course the amazing skyline.

There’s about fifteen hours left until this piece will be complete. My plan is to tighten up the buildings in the skyline, add some color and form to the houses under the skyline and treat the expressway like a time lapse photo with blurred lines of traffic to really add some color and boldness to the piece.

Stay tuned for the final piece. Once it’s complete, I’ll take a nice photo with the DSLR and post.

Enjoy! Jeff

St. Johns and Cincinnati | 30″ x 48″ Acrylic on Canvas by Jeff Johns