Walnut Street, Cincinnati


After many hours this painting titled Walnut Street, Cincinnati is now complete. The piece started from our client seeing the portfolio of Cincinnati paintings on this site and wanted to capture the neighborhood in which they live, our luck it was beautiful Walnut Street right downtown Cincinnati. We were able to capture the Aronoff Center, all the bars and restaurants and the glowing lights leading you through this unique perspective of the city.

To kick off the project, I headed down to photograph the street scene from several different angles which you can see here so our client could pick the lead. The best part about this process was that I avoided getting hit by a bus or heaven forbid the streetcar. Once the lead reference visual was selected it was time to start rocking the painting.

My guess is we have over 100 hours combined on this piece. The neat thing about this piece and all the paintings we work on is that we start the piece in it’s entirety, then I’ll take the left side of the painting, Colin will work the right until we meet in the middle. Then we’ll flip the canvas vertically and put the finishing touches on both sides to cary each of our styles throughout. The new owners are really excited about the piece and here’s a few photos of it proudly on display in their home.


Walnut Street, Cincinnati | 30″ x 40″ acrylic on canvas by Jeff Johns and Colin Daugherty

If you’re interested in commissioning your own masterpiece call Jeff Johns today. 859.630.9657. Click here for the contact page.

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