The Breathtaking Niagara Falls


Excited to share the final capture of this painting of one of the most amazing wonders of the world, Niagara Falls. After being invited to speak at recent conference by CEF (Creative Education Foundation and  CPSI (Creative Problem Solving Institute) I was asked if I had a painting I could donate to the event. Since our portfolio is mainly Cincinnati inspired artwork and current inventory is of that it was apparent that this event in Buffalo New York would need a new piece of art. With a passion to paint local landmarks as inspiration what would be better than the beautiful Niagara Falls. That’s the inspiration behind this vibrant painting.

Proud to say the piece sold for a significant amount working as a great fundraiser for this event.

The Breathtaking Niagara Falls  | 30” x 40” mixed medium on canvas by Jeff Johns and Colin Daugherty ~ SOLD

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This painting was donated to the CEF (Creative Education Foundation) with an effort to support this non profit organization and their efforts in funding CPSI (The Creative Problem Solving Institute) and  up coming conferences.