Kicking off a series of Columbus themed paintings.


Some exciting news! We’ve been commissioned by a company in Columbus to outfit their offices with our art. We’ll be rocking a series of 3 Columbus themed paintings. Here’s a start to the start on the first piece.

Other pieces in this series of Columbus themed paintings will include a rendition of Short North, one of my favorite places when I visit due to the all the great shopping and restaurants and of course the art galleries. The other piece in this series will be a print of the Ohio State Stadium titled, The Shoe at OSU. You can see that painting in more detail here. 

The Beautiful Columbus Skyline | 36” x 60” acrylic on canvas by Jeff Johns and Colin Daugherty

If you’re interested in commissioning your own masterpiece call Jeff Johns today. 859.630.9657. Click here for the contact page.



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