Majestic Sunflower 3 | Mixed Media on 16″ x 40″ Canvas

Majestic Sunflower 3 ~ 16″ x 40″ Mixed Media on Canvas

Hope you enjoy the series of Majestic Sunflower. Happy to introduce the 3rd painting of this series. This is the second painting to be commissioned after the creation of the original which has also been sold.

It’s fun to study each piece, while building off what was learned in each of the prior sunflowers. While I’ll be the first to admit, there’s nothing like the original, the one that inspired all these great paintings, it’s fun to take what you’ve learned on one and carry that onto another, leaving a stamp in time of the progression of the Majestic Sunflower series.   It is neat to see the aesthetic enhancements made throughout each series. How far will I take it? Now that’s up to you.  Call Jeff Johns today and order your very own piece of the Majestic Sunflower series: 859.630.9657

Majestic Sunflower 3 captured by the consumer.

Here’s a photograph of the painting, MajesticSunflower 3 captured by the consumer where this painting now lives.

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