Optimus Prime | Transformers (A painting for Jackson)

With being home around the boys it’s been fun to do some new paintings for them and their rooms. Jackson and I spent weeks trying to figure out what to paint for his room that would capture what he was most in to right now. He recently had a Blaze and the Monster Machines painting on his wall that I did about 3 years ago and since he’s grown out of that we needed something new.

He’s super into robots at the moment and we came to the conclusion that the Transformers are the ultimate robot because they can turn from one thing into another. My favorite Transformer growing up as a kid was Optimus Prime and it’s funny that Jackson’s is too because I was able to create a toy that I spent most of my childhood with. Now it’s currently hanging proud on his well and his face when it was complete was priceless.

The Transformers, Optimus Prime | 24″ x 36″ acrylic on canvas by Jeff Johns

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Will you marry me? The painting | Process Revealed

Now, that she said yes, I can share the process. This one was a bit tricky because it always had to be out of sight so I didn’t ruin the surprise.