Strength, Honor and Stability, The Elephant | Triptych on 3 Canvases

Excited to share the first commissioned painting of the year. This will be a triptych-style painting of an elephant standing tall and proud. It will be all in neutral tones, thinking of adding some crackle like texture and silver metallic paints to give it some pop. Stay tuned so you can see this elegant beast come to life.

Now, I’ll get into how we landed on this subject but first wanted to mention this contraption that I built to allow work on the 3 canvases at a time. It was simply a nice piece of plywood then anchored the canvases in place with some cut blocks and it was complete. Ready to start the painting.

Here’s a little more background behind the painting. This piece started with the need to showcase an original painting in the entry this beautiful home. After visiting the home and seeing and really studying the space, it was apparent that a triptych would be perfect. But not just the same size canvas either. While looking the same size canvas it didn’t have the pop os something unexpected. It was then time to leverage some design chops with an effort to further optimize the space. We then began an iterative process first focused on canvas design, once we aligned to that both subjects, composition and canvas design. The use of the canvas in the middle being tall took your eye up to the ceiling and down to the floor. Really optimizing the wall space for the entry. Once the panting is finished and hanging in its new home I’ll be sure to share.

Strength, Honor and Stability, The Elephant | Acrylic + Mixed Medium Triptych on 3 Canvases by Jeff Johns

Canvas 1_ Strength

Canvas 2_ Honor

Canvas 3_ Stability

Here’s a closer look at the contraption I built. Stay tuned, more to come.


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