Cincinnati Skyline | A View from the West Side

CincinnatiSkyline_WestSide_smallWe’re excited to share that this painting we started back in 2016 is now finally complete.  This painting truly captures the vibrant vibe of the Cincinnati Skyline from an entirely fresh perspective. We hope you enjoy this piece as much as we do. So happy to have this complete and able to share with the word.

To see an early progress capture of this painting from a few years back click here. 

Cincinnati Skyline | A View from the West Side, 24″ x 48 Acrylic on Canvas by Jeff Johns and Colin Daugherty

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This was a passion painting project that was inspired by a super talented friend and photographer Steve Ziegelmeyer.


Mixed Martial Arts™

This is a combination of Acrylic on board along with digital rendering. The painting is still in progress as I am figuring out the finishing direction. Due to the capture with the iPhone, I have provided two versions one is a tad darker with more vibrant colors. Thanks for viewing!