Sold! Brush Limbaugh

71344264_10217298261066677_1279370993978048512_oExcited to share that this painting titled, Brush Limbaugh has officially been sold.

This piece from 2011 kind of just happened as was painting all the time and decided to adhere a paint brush to canvas, once I had that I needed to solve what to make the painting. An amazing pun then occurred to me… Brush Limbaugh. From there it was my mission to create this painting. My end goal was to sell this piece to Rush Limbaugh for $10,000. That never happened but I am happy to share that I was recently able to trade Toby Hogan, a house painter this piece for painting our entire basement.

Brush Limbaugh | 16” x 24” mixed media on canvas by Jeff Johns

Click here to see the original post from 2010.

If you’re interested in commissioning your own masterpiece call Jeff Johns today. 859.630.9657. Click here for the contact page.

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