Johns’ Roebling Bridge painting is now the cover of Cincinnati’s Budget in Brief Documents FY2020.

IMG_8300I’m super stoked to share that I’ve recently had this painting featured on the City of Cincinnati legislation documents. For fiscal year 2020, Cincinnati has selected my painting titled, Golden Evening Suspension, which will be used as the cover for the Budget in Brief, a document used by city council to assist in determining legislation spending, and will also be featured on the city’s official website.

It’s just awesome to see your passion come to life not only on canvas but other content that can really inspire the public. This particular painting selected by the City of Cincinnati showcases the strong foundation and vivid structure of this iconic landmark. At night, this bridge has the most beautiful gold color reflecting into the Ohio River. This particular painting is special to Johns, so special in fact, that he had canvas prints made of this piece to give as gifts to the groomsmen in his wedding.

IMG_8298You can see the original post for this panting here. What makes this piece extra special is that the gift of art keeps on giving, I actually sold it to longtime friend and colleague where it proudly is on display in his home, and now will live on in print and digital forms for the City of Cincinnati.

Golden Evening Suspension | 24″ x 36″ Acrylic on Canvas by Jeff Johns

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