Gearing up for the Next Cincinnati Skyline Painting

71152768_10217225169919444_5254280509650894848_nIt’s amazing the people you meet and the views you see all brought together by art. Spent the start of my Friday night a few weeks ago scoping out the view of our next commissioned painting from our latest client’s amazing balcony.

What a great gig, getting invited into a home where your artwork will be featured as a focal point. Now this place was simply amazing as it opened up to panoramic views of the Cincinnati Skyline. Be sure to stay tuned to see progress.

The title of this painting will be, Cincinnati Skyline | A View from Riverside Terrace 30″ x 48″ by Jeff Johns and Colin Daugherty

If you’re interested in commissioning your own masterpiece call Jeff Johns today. 859.630.9657. Click here for the contact page.





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