In-Flight | Red-Tailed Hawk


Proud to announce that the painting titled In-Flight, Red-tailed Hawk in on display at Seed Strategy. Also, the painting is also now featured on the company’s website. This acrylic on canvas painting was created by myself, Jeff Johns and Colin Daugherty. JJCD Collaborations.

Here’s the final capture of the painting titled, “In Fight ~ Red-Tailed Hawk,” by the duo of Cincinnati-based fine artists Jeff Johns and Colin Daugherty, who coined the name JJCD Collaborations™ since their first masterpiece of the Cincinnati skyline years ago. “We’ve really looked to capture the essence of this soaring hawk on a canvas that’s nearly as big as me,” says Daugherty.

Stay tuned and enjoy the progress.

In Flight ~ Red-Tailed Hawk  | 70″ x 40″ Acrylic on Canvas ©JJCD Collaborations

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