6 thoughts on “Keeneland

  1. I want pictures too-the more the better! aka the white wedding dress girl. I will do my artistic rendition photo editing for free if you want some picture copies. When I ever get less busy I will post it too my blog, or have Chrissy write the article about something. It was awesome to meet you guys and I also want your email to send a brainstorm stream email. I am more of a marketing online hacker (all legal) and brainstormer thinktank… oh and i would LOVE to know who wrote the content for seedings because i am looking to find someone to help revamp. If you want to see what I did last week check out – thecincinnatidoctor.com (still in progress), the week before I did http://www.cincyremodelers.com, and i will be starting a landscaping one today when i get a little bit of creative juices flowing… i think there could be some great networking … good stuff – my portfolio and company culture matches the company you work for. also my sites are forefrontmarketingconcepts.com (under construction obviously), bizbuzzers.com (when i just started as freelance), and we love our blog of secrets that is not currently being promoted – spreadthewealthonline.com . check out our cool twitter background @SpreadURWealth – those are a popular seller 🙂 ok you can delete the comment after you read it – it turned more into the email idea.

  2. Good “captures” I say photo, you say tomato. Looks like a busy day I would love to go next weekend and write about it, i’ve been doing some freestyle nature writing now its time for freestyle journalism!!


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