Acrylic on Canvas

Want to start painting? You may ask yourself the question, where do I start. . . Should I just pick up the brush and start painting?

Yeah, I guess that can work for some people, but, I’ll tell you what. I’ve been trying that approach on and off for the last few years and never seemed to get anywhere. “FireBull” is one of my first pieces that is actually worth sharing. The process that I used was to limit myself to just a few colors and let them dry before applying others to limit the “dirty feel.”

Start your painting with a brief plan in mind. Let the artwork come to you through out the process. If you map out the entire piece before starting, the there is really no sense in painting it. Is there?

I had a simple plan in mind with this series and it was to bring to life a series of abstract designs which were created in a  style similar to a graphic tattoo.

Looking forward to sharing the rest of this series. Don’t know why it goes sideways when you click on it. “Oh well.”

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