Take 5 Entertainment™ Phase1_Logo Development

Capturing Phase_1 of logo development for Take 5 Entertainment. Helping a friend brand his new business.

2 thoughts on “Take 5 Entertainment™ Phase1_Logo Development

  1. Put together promptly on request, professional, and perfect… creating logo ideas better than I could have imagined for myself. You read my style and my mind. Thanks Jeff. I’m starting to like the bottom one the best, maybe combined with a record surrounding that whole logo, making the font white and the “e” black, plus my name in cursive off to the right with disc jockey/master of ceremonies under it. Off to the right my phone number… At the bottom, takefiveentertainment.net and my email yourdj@me.com in black print on the white portion of the card. Killer ideas. Well worth the $.


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