T Shirt design — test driving this series. . .

FireBull T-shirt design.

Really it's not that big of deal, it's just a $4000 T-shirt.

Painting a T-Shirt, has it been done before? The answer is no. This has never been done. Jeff Johns was the first to do it.

Actually, painting on a shirt has probably been done a million times, but what this particular shirt captures is the essence of fine art brought to life in an entirely different dimension. While it looks great on a canvas and an over-sized print, this study was primarily focused to capture this artwork in an unusual fashion.

So why is this a $4,000 t-shirt? Well, the answer is quite simple. The $4,000 shirt is an abstract example of the pricing strategy in the world of fine art. The more you pay for a piece, the more value it has to you as an individual as well as other consumers who see that other people have purchased these products at a high price point.

Will I sell this shirt for $4,000? Who knows, I’ll probably lose it tomorrow.

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